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Growing Strong Foundations

Our roots provide us with our foundation for growth and our connections to the world around us.

Roots students learn in a safe and fun environment. Challenging gymnastics activities provide Roots students the opportunity to enjoy the journey of self-discovery as they develop mentally and physically.

Through our values-based instruction, we help each unique student develop a strong foundation for individual growth.

RESILIENT – Fall and get back up again. Learn from mistakes. Keep fighting until you get it right.
OPPORTUNISTIC – Life is full of opportunities and challenges. We will learn to seize those opportunities
OPEN – to diversity. To all of the possibilities that exist. To challenges. To communicate our needs, desires, and feelings
TRUSTING – in ourselves, our coaches and those that support us on our journey
SELF-AWARE – we will grow in confidence as we breathe deeply and come to better know our own minds and bodies

Online registration is now open via the Roots Gymnastics customer portal. All new families will need to follow the simple prompts to create a new account and register for enrollment in the classes of their choosing. Roots Gymnastics classes are ongoing and tuition is billed on a monthly basis so families may sign up at any time – tuitions will be prorated for any enrollment created during the middle of the month. Officially, “Fall Classes” will begin on Monday August 22. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding the enrollment process.

Tuition Rates

45 minute class – $65 / month
60 minute class – $70 / month
90 minute class – $95 / month
90 minute class x 2 days – $130 / month
Team tuition is relative to training hours

A Word from the Owner

When I graduated from Bucknell University in 1993, I never envisioned that I would become a lifelong gymnastics coach. I finished school with an English degree and was certified to teach secondary English. I became a substitute teacher and worked additional time for my mother, who owns a successful gymnastics business, to make some extra money. Coaching was considered second fiddle and I knew that at some point I would be hired to do my “real job.”

As an educator, what I quickly realized was that coaching gymnastics was a “real job.” I was able to reach students at a much deeper level than I ever could in a classroom. So here I am 29 years later opening my own gymnastics school, and these are some things that I have learned along my journey to this point.

I like gymnastics. My involvement with the sport has provided me with a livelihood for many years and it is a really cool sport. But what I really am passionate about is not gymnastics. What I am passionate about is the connections that can be made and the lessons that can be learned through participation in this amazing sport.

If a gymnast is going to progress and be successful in gymnastics, they have to be prepared to fail over and over again. Gymnasts need a really strong foundation built upon strength, flexibility, balance, and courage. They must put themselves at risk on a daily basis. They have to trust their coaches, their parents and their teammates.They have to dig deep into their own self and decide what it is that they really want to achieve. A gymnast must be willing to be open with others and share their dreams, their joys, and their frustrations. Finally, a gymnast needs an extensive network of support to help them succeed.

Some day in the future, these young athletes will no longer be gymnasts – but the values that they will learn and the deep understanding they come to have about themselves and embrace – will be with them for the rest of their lives.

I am excited to watch Roots Gymnastics become a place where gymnasts can embark on this journey of growth and self-discovery. I am excited to have these young athletes build their foundation and grow their network of support at Roots!

About Alex Jewart

Roots Gymnastics Owner

Personal Background

  • North Hills resident since 1971.
  • Attended North Allegheny and graduated in 1989.
  • Graduated from Bucknell University in 1993 with a double major in English and Political Science and also certified to teach secondary education.
  • Taught English as a substitute teacher from 1993-1998 at North Allegheny, Hampton and Deer Lakes School Districts.


  • My wife Stephanie has been a second-grade teacher at Richland Elementary since 2000.
  • Thomas graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design in June of 2023 with a degree in graphic design and photography. He now works for a printing company in Savannah called The Kennickell Group. He also created his own clothing company called Sleepyhead. Check it out at sleepyhead.world!
  • Maddie is a junior at Slippery Rock.
  • Vitolina is now a junior at Pine Richland High School.

Gymnastics Background

  • Jewart’s Gymnastics 1993-2020
  • Coached recreational classes
  • Coached developmental gymnastics
  • Head coach 2005-2020
  • Head coach Pine Richland Gymnastics since 2005
  • Ultimate Gymnastics 2021-2022